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Community First

At A Sanseviro Insurance we know the importance of giving back to the community.  In addition to financial support, we have donated our time to ensure those in need get the necessary support.  Below are a few of the organizations we support.  

If you are feeling altruistic, please donate if you can.  We have seen firsthand the positive impact of the non-profit organizations below, and are firm believers in their missions.

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BBP Foundation 1 copy.jpg

This philanthropic organization was created in 1989 by local business people with the desire to give something back to the neighborhood that helped to make them fruitful in their own endeavors.  The primary intention was to raise money for redistribution toward worthy causes strictly involving the Bayport-Blue Point community.  Since then, the ‘good will’ of the Foundation has continually supported many of its neighbors and constituents who have been less fortunate, by acting as a conduit of money earmarked for medical aid, food, housing costs, utility bills, higher education, counseling, holiday gifts, funeral expenses, etc.  The Foundation prefers to maintain the privacy of designated recipients by performing charitable acts without fanfare, yet at the same time, it abides by the highest standards, always keeping its books available for public scrutiny.  


Inclusive Sports and Fitness (ISF) is a non-profit organization aimed at leveling the playing field for children with special needs.  Through science based interventions aided with computer monitoring and diagnostics, ISF is able to enhance and develop fine motor skills in children of all abilities.  Encouraged by peer mentors who also model appropriate behavior, the ISF athletes have been able to push through various boundaries faced in the past.  


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The Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce began in 1948. Sayville is known as one of the most beautiful and desirable communities on Long Island. Sayville offers a wholesome, well rounded community life that residents take pride in and that future generations will cherish. There’s just so much to see and do! Sayville is on the water, so enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming in the Great South Bay. The ferry terminal links the mainland to Fire Island and provides a gateway to the Atlantic Ocean for your pleasure.

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